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What is Project Foxclaw?

Project Foxclaw, or Jcam Engine 2.1, is the proprietary game engine used by Jcam Technologies. This engine is written primarily in C++ using the Irrlicht graphics library. The engine is written to provide a simple, quick way to create beautiful looking games while keeping system overhead and minimum system requirements as low as we can.

What does Project Foxclaw offer?

Well, the full planned features list is quite extensive, but so far the implemented features include:

  • Fully featured custom lua scripting
  • XML based level loading
  • Physics integration through Bullet Physics.
  • Mesh loading support for: .obj, .3ds, .dae, .b3d, .ms3d, .bsp, .md2, .x, .md3, .lwo, .mesh, .dmf, .lmts, .my3D, .csm, .stl, .ply
  • Texture loading support for: .jpg, .png, .tga, .bmp, .pcx, .ppm, .psd, .wal, .rgb
  • Full OpenAL-based 3D sound support for: .wav, .ogg, .mp3, .flac, .mod, .id, .s3d, .xm
  • Full shader support for GLSL shaders

Is the project open source?

YES! Finally, we are releasing the source of Project Foxclaw!

NOTE! The source is in a VERY VERY VERY early alpha! Be warned, most of it probably doesn't work yet.

Source can be found here:

When will Project Foxclaw be released?

When it's ready. Simple as that.


How much does it cost to make a game with Project Foxclaw?

FREE! We created this engine with the intent that it would be the free alternative to some of the large and more expensive engines. We don't want to restrict commercial indie developers just because they don't have a starting budget. We know what that's like, and we don't want others to be held back the same way.